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Want an industry tip about your home that the other guys don’t want you to know?

All dual pane windows with metal spacers will allow moisture to form on glass causing the window to fog between the glass panes. That’s why window companies tell you they can reduce condensation compared to a single pane window.

But the windows from Abney Home Remodeling eliminate moisture before it forms!

Here’s the deal: Moisture on windows is caused by the metal spacer between the glass panes. Glass and metal with cold temperature do not work together!

Abney Home Remodeling uses “Super Spacer,” a health foam, non-metal spacer with a U-18 and R-10 insulated glass.

So why would anyone put a window in their home with less than R-3 insulation when 80% of your energy costs go right out your window? Now you know better! So call Ron at 888-841-0886 to get rid of those high energy bills!


Pilkington Activ™ Self-Cleaning Glass
Pilkington Activ™ Self-Cleaning Glass uses the power of the sun to clean itself. Pilkington Activ™ actively loosens dirt, and gradually breaks down organic residue with a special PhotoActiv™ surface that uses energy from sunlight.

When it rains, the water sheets off the window surface, removing dust particles and inorganic dirt so windows dry without spots or streaks. Ask Ron how to order your Pilkington Activ™ Self-Cleaning Glass.

Estimated New Window Savings
Old Windows New Windows New Windows
Energy Clear Single Pane Dual Glazing Sungate 300 Clear Triple Glazing Sungate 300 Clear
Heating Costs $2,980 $1,456 $875
*Old Windows - clear single pane with aluminum frame and air. *New Windows - Sungate 300 Clear glass with vinyl fram argon gas.


Edge To Edge Windows

Edge to Edge windows have a crisp, clean appearance with trim around and on the edge of these beautiful windows. Appearance is not everything, these windows are guaranteed never to have surface blisters or bubbles.

Make the energy efficient choice - Call Ron today!
Abney Solutions:
Super Spacer, it virtually eliminates condensation. The water that forms on glass often causes expensive damage to window sills, frames, curtains, carpets and even paint and walls. The insulating foam spacer allows for comfortable humidity levels with the least likelihood of mold and other problems.

Full Structural Metal Spacers
With conventional metal spacers, condensation is a cold fact of life.
Less Structural Metal Spacers
Mid-performance spacer systems with less metal improve condensation.
No Structural Metal Spacers
A patented structural foam design dramatically reduces condensation, delivering the clearest picture in warm edge technology.

Super Spacer is the World's only spacer that delivers TRUEWarm Edge Performance. Click here to see how is compares.